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Peer Pioneers is mentoring software, which is designed to develop teams remotely. It also allows for the engagement with and retention of a diverse workforce to become the innovators and leaders of tomorrow.

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Mentor The Next Generation

Peer Pioneers provides the digital platform upon which you can strategise your goals as a mentor or mentee. It acts as a virtual base for thought leaders, innovators, coaches and difference makers to mentor teams with huge potential. This platform allows mentors to watch out for their mentees throughout their careers as they grow their skills. And because the platform can be accessed remotely, mentoring relationships can continue across the country and beyond. As we emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic, it may be hard for some workers, students or members to get back in the rhythm or to adapt to a new process of working. An in-house mentoring scheme implemented on the Peer Pioneers Platform will prove vital towards providing some structure.

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The Best Mentoring Platform

Our platform is the standard-bearer for virtual business mentoring, with five-star ratings across the board. It's packed with a plethora of vital tools for users. We want mentors and mentees to get the most out of this platform, allowing all involved to thrive from the working relationships that they form. Peer Pioneers acts as the basis on which mentors and mentees can work together for one collective goal, and these are just some of the benefits.

Mentor Matching Engine

Peer Pioneers matches mentors to mentees with specific criteria, whilst also allowing search match individually.

Easy onboarding

Our specialists start the onboarding process beforehand to offer coordination and communication, allowing you to specifically plan and configure your own version of the platform.


Continuous Professional Development (CPD) options track the progress that both mentors and mentees will make along the way.

Achieve Goals

As part of CPD, mentors can set tasks for workers to see the evidence of their progression, with calendars timing tasks to ensure structure and direction.


Settings are adjustable so that mentors and mentees receive notifications for key updates, and this extends to larger groups as well.

Message Features

Internal messaging options allow mentors and mentees to communicate with each other on the platform in a safe and secure environment which doesn’t expose your email address or telephone number.


This platform provides administrator insights and reports for each individual or group by giving feedback, comprehensive analytics and management tools.

Resource centre

Upload and explore your own educational videos, webinars, presentations, blogs, podcasts, audio files, written documents and other content.

White Label

Customise your in-house community platform with branding, such as your corporate logo and your colour scheme.

Jobs and Events

Add internal or external jobs and events for your community so that you can help others to take the first steps on their chosen career paths.
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Empower Diversity & Inclusion

As part of its new racial equality pledge, in 2020, NatWest Group vowed to boost the number of black staff in senior roles from 1% to 3% by 2025. The Peer Pioneers mentoring platform acts as a measuring tool to track progress through pledge periods and to provide fresh opportunities for skill development and networking to minimise any challenges. What’s more, this paves the way for such target employees like women to begin working towards leadership positions and/or extra responsibilities within the organisation.

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Empower Wellbeing, Engagement & Retention

Covid-19 has forced many of us to work remotely, impacting our mental health along the way. That's why Peer Pioneers deems this a key priority; it's vital to provide appropriate support. We do this by giving mentors increased levels of empowerment, improved self-esteem, enhanced confidence and the ability to manage their mental wellbeing. This allows mentors to demonstrate empathy and respect whilst sharing hope and optimism with mentees wherever they work from as they return to structured work schedules.

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Career Development

The workforce is becoming more diverse every day. The increase in diversity means that the focus of a measurable career development program integrated with the Peer Pioneers mentoring platform should be transparent for all stakeholders to achieve success. Many individuals are demanding mentoring that isn’t just put in place but has a trackable way to measure progress. This is a great selling point for potential new employees.

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Organisational Change

The modern organisation is constantly evolving due to internal choices and external market forces. These changes create both opportunities and uncertainty, so it's imperative to create a safe space for those with concerns to express. We can assist workers through mergers and acquisitions, from anxiety about restructuring to confusion about changing roles and work cultures. Peer mentoring can remove the negativity and identify the change champions to deliver a more successful integration.

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The Right Mentoring Software For Your Organisation

Having read all about Peer Pioneers, we feel that you will now be ready to take the leap towards mentoring staff. Or perhaps you're in need of a mentor yourself, and this could be just the opportunity you're looking for based on the reasons listed above. In any event, Peer Pioneers are here to help you, and you can get in touch with us at any time to book a demo or ask any questions.

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